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Bartar Co., holding manufacturing food machinery license no.54464 from Iranian Ministry of Industries, has proceed to design and to manufacture different kinds of vegetable processing machinery by making use of modern technology know-how. Our company, with a noteworthy record of a 25-year production activity, taking advantage of up to date technology as well as holding due approvals and licenses granted by the authorized governmental departments (foodstuff Health Care Office and Living Environment Office), has achieved a high standing rank among companies active in the same field.

 We have completely considered important basic factors such as reduction of production stages, observation of hygienic standards, non-pollution of the living environment and finally reduction of the cost-production in manufacturing our machineries.

The company research team tries to offer the most modern machineries with the possible lowest prices to the clients. We also announce our readiness for the design or execution of the suggested projects by the producers dealing in foodstuff business.

 It is noted that the manufactured sets are equipped with automatic tools and may be offered to the customers in automatic circuits of (P.L.C) and contactors. The above mentioned machineries have been manufactured according to the International Technical Standards and by making use of the best available materials in the market.




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